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Misc Equipment


2002 Holz Her Cosmec NR 26 14 CUK (CNC Router w/ATC and Boring)

1996 Tishken 28 HW-AS-3 (Duplex Roll Form)

2011 CLOOS QRC 350-E (6-Axis Robotic Welder)

2001 LVD PPEB 240BH16 (CNC Press Brake)

2009 OPTIV Classic-321 GL-TP (DCC Inspection Machine)

2016 MGM 208-240 Volt 75Kva Transformer

Mattison Rotary Surface Grinder

2001 Mitsubishi 2015 VZ1 5 Axis Laser

1975 Fellows Model 10-2(Gear Shaper)

1993 Sharp 24x120 Gap Bed Heavy Duty Engine Lathe

2004 Rofin SLM 10 (Laser Marking Machine)

2001 DoALL C-4100NC (Horizontal CNC Band Saw)

Pro Pen P5000 Pneumatic Marking (Demo)

Used Pro Pen DP3000 4th Axis Rotary Table

2003 O-M VT5-16N - Vertical (Fanuc Control, 16 Tool ATC, Coolant Thru Ram)

1987 Maho MH600P - Multi Axis Mill

1996 ADDISON DB32 - 3 Axis Tube Bender

2009 Data Aire 5 Ton Water Cooled Chiller



2015 Hurise D-1 (Multi-Function ID/OD CNC Grinder)

1990 Studer S40-2 Grinder

NICCO NSG-64H (24" x 16" Surface Grinder)

618 Harig Automatic Surface Grinder
1999 Chevalier FSG-1224AD II Automatic Surface Grinder

Rotary Transfer Machines

2006 Mikron Multistar CX-24/1500R

Goss & Deleeuw 6x6-3/4



4th & 5th Rotary Tables

Haas T5C (Brush Style, 5th Axis)

Haas T5C (Brushless Style, 5th Axis)

Haas TRT-210 (Brush Style, with control box)

Haas TR-110 (Brushless Style, Sigma 1)

Haas HRT-A6 (Brush Style)

Haas HRT-310 (Brushless Style)

Haas HRT-310 #2 (Brushless Style)

2015 Haas HRT 160-2 (Brushless Style)

2015 Haas HRT-160 (Brushless Style, Sigma 5)

Yuasa DMNC 220 (4th Axis)

Haas SC01 Rotary Control Box (Red Brush Type)

Haas SC02 2 Axis Rotary Control Box (Red Brush Type)


Bar Feeders

1999 Haas Servo - Brush Style

2005 Haas Servo - Brushless Style

2005 Haas Servo - Brushless Style

2011 Iemca Mini Boss 332


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