2004 Rofin SLM 10

Laser Marking Machine

Windows Based Control
Full Enclosure
Rotary Device

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  • photos/2004_Rofin_SLM_10_04252016-0.jpg

    2004 Rofin SLM 10
  • photos/2004_Rofin_SLM_10_04252016-1.jpg

    2004 Rofin SLM 10
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    2004 Rofin SLM 10
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    2004 Rofin SLM 10
  • photos/2004_Rofin_SLM_10_04252016-4.jpg

    2004 Rofin SLM 10

  • Control Windows Based Dual Core PC
  • Cooling System Air Flow Style
  • Max Diameter Of Beam Ray 10MM
  • Pump Light Source Diode
  • Wavelength 1064 NM
  • Output Power 8 W
  • Beam Quality TEM 00
  • Pulse Frequency 0-200 kHZ
  • Max Diameter Of the Beam Ray Inside Marking Head 10
  • Wavelength 1064 NM
  • Machine Dimensions 500MM X 118MM X 220MM
Equipped With:
  • Windows Based Control
  • Full Enclosure
  • See Attached Brochure
  • Rotary Device

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